Bitcoin BTC – What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, “BTC” in short, is a so called cryptocurrency. It is controlled by a decentralized network of users and is free from the influence of banks or any government. The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and a lot of new currencies are rising. However, Bitcoin is still the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency available. .
Like traditional currencies, such as the EUR or USD, Bitcoin has a relative value to other currencies and physical goods that forms the price that you can buy or sell. One coin can be divided into smaller units of value and the smallest available coin unit is 0.00000001 Bitcoin..
Bitcoin is becoming more popular day by day and you will find a constantly growing availability of merchants who accept Bitcoin as a payment option. There are also a lot of platforms where you can exchange them for other currencies (traditional and other virtual currencies) at any time of the day.
With this article we give you some more details about the benefits of using this virtual currency and which eWallet provider already offers Bitcoin as a payment option to their customers.

Bitcoin BTC – Why should I use it?

There are several good reason to use Bitcoins, but one of the biggest benefits is the anonymity and privacy it has compared to traditional currencies.
By using a traditional online bank account or credit card your privacy is not protected. Transactions are clearly associated with you. This means that merchants and public authorities can track how you spend and receive your money. Using Bitcoin on the other hand allows you to stay completely private, because your Bitcoin account is not linked to your personal data. You can still track the Bitcoin flow between two users, but it is much harder to connect and identify those transactions to the persons involved.
Another great benefits is the independence from any bank or government. Since it isn’t controlled by any central bank or political influence it is also much harder for governments to freeze or seize Bitcoins. Especially for people from countries with political issues or restrictions Bitcoins might be a solution to their problems.
Besides those two major benefits, Bitcoin has also much lower fees compared to other digital payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal for example. The fees can still vary depending on the transaction, but it’s rarely more than 1%, which is quite low. Though such fees are variable, it’s rare for a Bitcoin transaction to cost more than 1% of its value. Compare that to 2% to 3% for most other digital payments.
Last but not least, Bitcoin is a way to diversify your Investments and to make returns from trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin BTC – How can I fund my eWallet Accounts with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin BTC – How can I buy Bitcoin with my eCurrency srvice fund Funds?

As you can see there are a lot of benefits by using Bitcoin as a payment option and it is also easy to use. It is safe to say that digital currencies will become even more important during the next months and years. So it is a good time to prepare for that and take a closer look at the available options..
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