We’re here to help

We want to ensure you get the most out of being a Skrill VIP, which is why all our VIPs enjoy 24/7 access to help. Contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here. Skrill VIP Silver members or above also have a dedicated account manager, available during office hours five days a week.

Skrill VIP help and FAQS

1 Can I change my Skrill account currency?
You’ll need to close your current Skrill wallet and open a new one to change the currency of your account. If you do this you won’t be able to see the transaction history for your old account and may not be able to use some of the information you previously registered. Depending on your Skrill VIP status, it may be possible for you to hold accounts in different currencies. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Skrill VIP.
2Can I lose my VIP status?
VIP Status levels are reviewed at the end of each calendar quarter. If you've achieved VIP status within the quarter you'll be guaranteed VIP status for the following quarterly period. For example, if you become a VIP in February, you are guaranteed to keep the VIP level status for March and quarter 2 (April May and June). However, if you don't make the minimum amount of transactions in quarter 2, you will lose your VIP status at the end of quarter 2 (30th of June).
3Who is my account manager?
Your account manager is specially chosen to ensure you get the most out of being a Skrill VIP. He or she will speak your language and understand your specific needs. Please contact us at vip@skrill.com if you think you’re entitled to an account manager but haven’t yet been introduced to one.
4Can I register more than one account?
In most cases we insist on one personal account per customer. However, you’re welcome to associate more than one email address with your account and, of course, to bring all your payment options together in that one place.
5How quickly will Skrill VIP support answer my enquiry?
VIP customer enquiries are our top priority, and we strive to deal with them as soon as possible. We aim to answer all written enquiries from Skrill VIPs within six hours of receiving them. On very rare occasions an issue may require more time to resolve, in which case we’ll keep you fully updated on progress.
6What is Skrill’s ‘100% money back’ guarantee?
If you suffer a financial loss as a direct result of unauthorised access to your Skrill account, provided you’ve met your security responsibilities, we’ll reimburse 100% of the money lost. Read our ‘100% money back’ guarantee terms & conditions for more information.
7How can I change my Skrill VIP level?
To become a Skrill VIP you must have a valid Skrill account and transfer at least €6.000 to merchants – or the equivalent in your chosen currency – in a quarterly period. Quarterly means the following three-month period in any calendar year.
8Can I have an account without limits?
It’s possible to have a Skrill account without outgoing transaction limits. Such accounts are offered to customers depending on verification status and activities.