Unlike NETELLER, Skrill offers only a plastic MasterCard and no virtual card. Find all information and details about some general information, their limits and what to do in case of fraud on this site to enjoy all benefits of your Skrill Prepaid MasterCard.

Skrill MasterCard

he Skrill MasterCard works like every other prepaid MasterCard: You can easily access your savings by using the Skrill MasterCard without worrying about spending too much money. Your available balance with the prepaid MasterCard is the same as in your digital wallet. Compared to other eWallet providers the fees for the Skrill MasterCard are very low. Skrill VIPs don’t even pay Skrill MasterCard order and usage fees. You can order and activate your prepaid card under “Skrill Card” after logging into your Skrill (Moneybookers) account.
  • Available card currencies: USD, EUR, PLN and GBP.
  • MasterCard validation: The card is active for 36 months before renewal is required.
  • MasterCard purchase fee: A fee of 10 EUR at the time of purchasing a new or replacing (Skrill) Moneybookers MasterCard.
  • MasterCard cancellation fee: There is no fee for card cancellation.
  • Annual Renewal Fee: A yearly fee of 10 EUR is charged for continued use of the card.
  • ATM fee: Your (Skrill) Moneybookers account will be charged for 1.75% for cash withdrawals at any ATM worldwide.
  • Daily withdrawal limit: The limit for cash withdrawals at the ATM is 900 EUR/24h.
  • Shopping fee: There is no fee for shopping worldwide.
  • Privacy: For completey privacy, your transactions do not appear on your banking statement.
  • Daily shopping limit: The Skrill MasterCard has a limit of 900€/24h.
  • Benefits and rebates: Up to 30% discount at selected retailers of Skrill.
  • Transparency: You can easily check your MasterCard activity in your Skrill account history.
  • FX fee: The Skrill MasterCard has a foreign exchange fee which depends on your Skrill VIP status.
  • NO purchase fee.
  • NO yearly annual fee.
  • NO fee for cash withdrawals at the ATM worldwide for silver VIPs or higher and only 1.80 EUR for bronze VIPs.
  • Available for Skrill VIP customers all over the world.
  • Exchange rate fee of 2.49% as Bronze VIP and 1.75% for Silver VIPs or higher.
  • Up to 5,000 EUR/24h ATM withdrawal limit depending on your Skrill VIP status.
  • Up to 10,000 EUR/24h limit for shopping.

Limits for the Skrill MasterCard

f you cannot withdraw cash from an ATM by using your Skrill MasterCard and get an error message, please check your available balance in your (Skrill) Moneybookers account first. Also, please keep in mind possible foreign exchange fees and your actual 24h ATM limit which you can check at “My Skrill MasterCard”. If you still can not find the problem, please try again a little later or at another ATM. In about 95% of the cases, those standard error messages occur if the ATM is not able to connect to the MasterCard server in time. Different to other MasterCards your Skrill MasterCard is a prepaid card and the ATM has to check your available balance first. If the ATM is not able to get the connection fast enough a standard error message appears on the screen. In case it does not work later or even the next day, please send an email to vip@skrill.com and ask for possible technical problems to be addressed or for your account to be manually checked  for possible fraud.
If fraud occurs, Skrill will refund your account by the full amount within ten business days. Please read paragraph 8 of the terms and conditions of Skrill MasterCard for detailed information.