NETELLER Affiliate

The NETELLER Affiliate program is similar to the Skrill Affiliate program. Affiliates can apply to become NETELLER Affiliates in order to receive a life time revenue share depending of referred clients depositing activities.
The NETELLER Affiliate commission is paid monthly right into the affiliate’s NETELLER member account. They provide a detailed reporting system where affiliates can review stats and generated commission daily in their account login.

NETELLER Affiliate – Revenue share

Referring to, NETELLER Affiliate Terms & Conditions affiliates can earn 20% revenue share, uncapped –for the life time of referred customers. The Skrill program offers a different revenue model which does not give life time earnings.
Considering a referred customer transfers 100 EUR from his NETELLER account to a merchant who pays 2.5% fee, the NETELLER Affiliate will then earn: 100 EUR * 20% * 2.5% = 0.50 EUR.
A NETELLER Affiliate can check his affiliate earnings within the NETELLER Affiliate tool where all data are updated daily and detailed presented.

NETELLER Affiliate – Contact

If you want to learn more about the NETELLER Affiliate program, please feel free to contact You might also want to contact us to benefit of our excellent relationship and possible sub-affiliate offers.

NETELLER Affiliate – US Affiliates

Affiliates operating from the US are not able to join the program at this time. If you are from the US and still interested in promoting eWallet like NETELLER or Skrill, you might want to learn about our partner program instead.