NETELLER Two-step Authentication

We are very pleased to announce the new NETELLER two-step Authentication via Google Authenticator:
Smartphone users can access great security features and enjoy the convenience of having their NETELLER Account in their pocket. NETELLER just launched a new service which offers our clients two-step authentication.
Every time you sign into your account, your can use an app on a smart-phone to generate a one-time-use code that is entered along with your NETELLER password.

NETELLER Two-step Authentication – Installation

1.Install Google Authenticator on your smartphone. You will easily find it in Google Play/App Store and it is free to install and use.
2.Log into your NETELLER account and go to settings -> security settings. Click “enable” for Two-step authentication
3.Click “get started” on the NETELLER two-step authentication setup and enter your secure ID to proceed.
4.Choose your smartphone, scan the bar code within your Google Authenticator app and enter the code.
5.Your new NETELLER security feature is now ready to use! [hr height="30" style="default" Whenever you sign into your NETELLER account or make a payment on a merchant site, you will now be asked for the NETELLER two-step authentication code. You will not be asked for your NETELLER secure ID anymore and will enjoy an even higher level of security at NETELLER.