NETELLER offers two different ways to pay or withdraw your NETELLER funds directly from your NETELLER account using a NETELLER Net+ MasterCard. You can use the platic Net+ PrePaid MasterCard or the virtual Net+ MasterCard. On this page you will find all information about both cards, their limits, their benefits and also their availability.

NETELLER Net+ MasterCard

The NETELLER Net+ PrePaid MasterCard is a plastic card that is sent to you that you can use for cash withdrawals at thousands of supported MasterCard ATMs worldwide or pay in any shop that accepts MasterCards. With the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard the available balance of your card is the same as the balance of your NETELLER eWallet account and cannot be exceeded.
There are no ongoing costs like monthly/yearly fees or inactivity fees with the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. The card can be ordered for a one-time shipping and handling fee of 10.00€ in your NETELLER account after logging in.
For ATM withdrawals there is a 1.75% fee. Paying in shops (POS – point of sale) is free as long as the currencies match. When using a Net+ PrePaid MasterCard in a different currency than your NETELLER account or when performing a transaction in a different currency than your Net+ Card you are charged with a 3.99% FX currency exchange fee.
To avoid FX fees, choose the currency of the country that you want to use the card primarily All fees are charged directly from your NETELLER account. The Net+ Prepaid MasterCard is available in eight currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, SEK, DKK, AUD and JPY.
For more information on the NETELLER Net+ PrePaid MasterCard fees, please check NETELLERs website. .
Members of eWallet-Optimizer enjoy the highest ATM limits of 3,300 USD/day including the highest transfer limits (check 2nd table below). For more information on limits for regular account holders, please check the following tables.

NETELLER Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

The virtual Prepaid MasterCard is a non-phsyical prepaid MasterCard. Therefore, you do not need to receive a physical card. Instead, you can create virtual card details from within your NETELLER account and use them to shop online.
The first Virtual Prepaid MasterCard created within your account is FREE. You can then add up to 5 more net+ virtual PrePaid MasterCards and even set limits how much you are allowed to spend (optional). After the first free virtual card, each next card created costs 2.50 EUR. When using different currencies, there is a FX fee of 3.99% of the amount spent. Limits
You can spend up to 6,300 EUR per 24h with the Net+ Virtual PrePaid MasterCard. Please check the following tables for more information about the limits. unt holders, please check the following tables.